Catalyst Blockchain / DLT stack - First cohort

I work for a London based technology company that’s spent the past two years focused on R&D for a new .NET Core based technology stack spanning distributed ledger, distributed file storage and distributed compute for public and private networks. This isn’t a cryptocurrency project or anything of that nature, it’s looking at how this technology can form the basis for a more private and easy access web3.

We’re a research heavy organisation but with a solid team of .NET Core and other developers, now approaching an interesting point in our journey.

The research and engineering has matured to the point that we feel its ready to start preparing to open source the fruits of our labour. Rather than open source in a single go we will be performing a two-stage process.

Stage one is to form the First Cohort. The First Cohort are individuals and organisations with an interest in blockchain and DLT who would like early access. Love .NET Core and are looking for an exciting new blockchain project to join and contribute to?

  • Developers interested in reviewing and contributing to our code base in preparation for open sourcing fully over the coming months. Gain early access to the code, help shape what gets open sourced and go on to be recognised as being a key part of the First Cohort.

  • Researchers interested in reviewing our research and contributing to new research.

  • Businesses or other groups with an interest in public or private blockchains, distributed storage and distributed compute technologies

As part of the open source process a new foundation will be formed in Switzerland to administer and push forward the public network and it’s anticipated that many in the First Cohort will go on to play a role in that whole process including the core teams working on continued R&D. There is to also be bounty programs and tokens from the pubic network to provide financial incentives and benefits to those who contribute skills and time to the network as it opens to the public.

Anyone who’s interested in learning more about the Catalyst technology stack and public network and is interested in either joining the First Cohort or later open source community can email

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