Can't Compile for .NET Standard 1.6


I was able to compile my solution to .NET Standard 1.4 at some point. I opened up the solution and got lots of errors. So, I thought I’d upgrade all the projects to .NET Standard 1.6. Now I just get this error on all the projects:

Your project is not referencing the “.NETPlatform,Version=v5.0” framework. Add a reference to “.NETPlatform,Version=v5.0” in the “frameworks” section of your project.json


.NETPlatform is a deprecated (from .Net Core RC1) TFM. Not sure why would that be required. Could you share your project.json? How are you compiling your code? (dotnet CLI? VS tools? Include version of whatever you’re using.)


But this is the error that I get when I try to compile for 1.6


Same problem here.

  1. Start VS2015.
  2. Create new PCL project.
  3. Make it a .NET Core project.
  4. Make it compile for .NET Standart 1.6
  5. “try” to compile => this error occur! :’(

I suspect it’s because .NET Standart 1.6 is compatible with .NET Framework 4.6.3. Which… hasn’t been released yet! :open_mouth:


Yep. That’s the process I followed. I’m glad someone could replicate this.

I know I’m always up on the forums complaining and crying all the time, but it’s honestly so hard to get anything done these days. The tools are always broken and I spend half my days trying to figure out why I’m getting bizarre compilation or NuGet errors.

Then, when you actually pin down what these errors mean, It’s a struggle to find the right repo and actually pin someone down in the team that is willing to listen.


I have the same problem but seems to be resolved if you use the ‘dotnet build’ command line approach instead.


Just that I understand, you are manually compiling at the command prompt?

Or, do you have your project set up in such a way that Visual Studio calls msbuild to compile your code? Can this be done with a standard Visual Studio project? Is there some kind of walk through on how to do this?


hey mate, yeah just running ‘dotnet build’ on the command prompt. I havent done anything interesting with my project setup. Does that work for you, or do you get the same error? Do you have the RTM version of .net core sdk installed?

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