Can we use .NET Core on ARM processors?


Hi all,

We start to study a new product, based on the COLIBRI VF50 Computer On Module (COM) board.
This board uses a Cortex A5 CPU (ARMv7 architecture).

Is anybody knows if it will be possible to use the .NET core packages and also the new ASP.NET 5 on this type on ARM processors?



their was some work towards it by community members but still it is not possible.These were the relevant pull requests.

The .net team priority at this time is to support 5 on amd64 on linux/mac and x86 , amd64 on windows. After is released the .net team will look into bringing arm support. But that does not mean someone from community can not do it if they want. As you can see from these two pull requests and a number of others were merged in after these, so if someone wants it before ms/ .net team they can do it.

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