Can there be a "dotnet weekly" newletter?


Many of the open source projects are maintaining an weekly newsletter, which contains several sections like Notable news, blog posts, new submissions and discussion in github etc. People can subscribe to this newsletter through email or RSS. They usually have their own websites. Two such newsletter websites-

Hope .net foundation can also have something similar.


Hi @gulshanur,

That’s a great idea and we have been discussing the best way to provide something like this. Our line of thinking is to do this as a series of blog posts (which people can subscribe via mail or RSS). What kind of updates from the .NET community would you like to see here?

  • News / announcements
  • Notable community content
  • .NET Foundation project updates (new releases, notable changes, new contributors, ?)
  • Upcoming events
  • What else?


I think that it would definitely be nice to see what kind of updates come out.

Definitely include project updates including any major release information, as well as tips and perhaps links to new blog posts if there have been any?

I would think it would primarily keep people in the loop, with access to a little bit more for those who want to delve deeper.


This is definitely happening.


Well, there you go… Here’s the first post:


@bleroy Thanks for taking my request into consideration. I would like to see more on what’s being cooked in different dotnet foundation GitHub repos like Roslyn, corefx or coreclr on these weeklies. The morning brew is keeping me updated on news, but not GitHub and where they are heading.


OK, I’ll try to integrate more of that. We’ll also do that on the On.NET YouTube live show.

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