Can MethodImplAttribute be applied to local functions (and possibly lambdas)?


I have just noticed that the MethodImplAttribute cannot be applied to a local function … And I’m just wondering why that is true.

I don’t have rationale for use cases in general, and I just wrote a method where I’d actually desire to add AggressiveInlining to a local function.

Just a simple example:

    private void handleMessage(MessageBase message)
        // Can't apply:
        bool update(IMappedQueue mappedQueue)

In a dream world, I would like to envision that the local function could be inlined. I haven’t actually inspected compiled code to see what ultimately happens — it might in fact get inlined — but it would be nice to be able to apply the attribute.

And I also don’t know if it could be applied to lambdas, but seems potentially plausible.

Thanks for listening!


You can’t apply attributes to local functions at all, the syntax just doesn’t allow it. There is a discussion about allowing this on the csharplang repo, and AggressiveInlining is already listed as one of the use-cases where attributes on local functions would be useful.


Thanks @svick :clown_face:.

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