Can an administrator account on Windows 10 access any users Isolated Storage?


We are considering using IsolatedStorage as a method for storing program data on user systems. Some of these systems are multi-user systems which is why we are considering using this approach. The problem is we don’t want to leave any data on the system when the program is uninstalled.

Since the program would be installed/uninstalled by an account with administrator access I need to know if its possible for the administrator account to access the IsolatedStorage of any standard user account on the system and delete any local data.

I know there is supposed to be an Unrestricted mode for IsolatedStorage access but from what I have seen this only circumvents domain and application isolation and not user isolation. Beyond that I have been unable to find any information regarding this topic anywhere.

So is it possible to remove all IsolatedStorage data on an system if I have administrator access?

Note: We won’t be using Roaming Storage so there’s no concern about the data being copied to another system via a RoamingAccount.

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