C# Standardization


Not sure if this is in the realm of the .net foundation, but is there going to be any initiative to update the ECMA standard for C#? It hasn’t been formally updated since C# 2.0 if my memory is correct.


Miguel said this in his blog post back in April:

For the last couple of months, the ECMA C# committee has been working on updating the spec to reflect C# 5. And this time around, the spec benefits from having two independent compiler implementations.


Yes, I can confirm that. Miguel and I are both on the ECMA committee working to standardize C# 5. It may take a while for us to finish the work, though! We have a lot of catching up to do, since we skipped two versions of the language. But we’re on it!


and what about C# 6?


I assume C# 6 will be next, but let’s look at that when we get there.


Great news! I’m glad to see this happening. Hopefully this will continue on for each version. Thanks for your work on it Mads.

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