C# in WASM status?


Now that WASM is officially out for both Chrome and Firefox, has there been any group working to bring .NET / C# to the web? Maybe someone has been working on CoreRT or Mono recently to make this a reality?

Because this question has been asked many times and so as not to sound redundant, this question is more about any updates anyone knows about on the topic of WASM and C# / .NET.


My understanding is that while wasm is out, it doesn’t currently support garbage collection and the plan is to add support to it in 1-2 years, so I believe c# is blocked until then.


The GC should be .NET specific, not WASM specific. We could make a CoreRT WASM specific or modified GC for WASM. Langs like NIM etc just use their GC.


Have said by mono creator


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