C# asp.net deployment on IIS express word and excel docs don’t load but images do. On Localhost its all perfect?

Hello everyone,

I inherited a project from a previous employee who is no longer with us. Its in C# and Asp.Net Forms. I did some coding on it and I have everything working perfectly when I run it local host.

He has it deployed on IIS express before to have it working for what he needed it to do.

Now when I go to post it on IIS normal version 1 of the pages does not load it just keeps the ajax spinner spinning nonstop. The page uses SignalR to load documents (click on 1 and it shows on the page) .docx, xlx, jpg …

Now when I go to run the site in IIS express like he did the page works. BUT I look at my VM in the cmd window it shows whats going on with IIS express. All jpg images load and show BUT when I load a word doc or excel file I get a message “The directory name isn’t valid.”

Again on localhost everything works perfectly… IIS express I get that message on a word doc or excel but images work. And normal IIS the ajax loader never stops spinning…

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