Build dotnet core from scratch



I’m looking for an instruction of how to build the dotnet core SDK from scratch. I know, there are many scripts in the git repositories, but many of the start with fetching a tar-ball or a script from the net. I want to build it really from source and don’t depend on pre-build dotnet components. Is such a bootstapping possible? Is there a site, that lists the steps to go?

Thanks Jörg


AFAIK, building completely from scratch without downloading any binaries is currently not possible. I think there were some plans to fix that (to make supporting .Net Core on new OSes easier), but I don’t think they went anywhere yet.

Why do you want to build from scratch? Is it just curiosity or do you have a specific reason?


At the end, my hope is to get packages suitable to upload to the Debian archive. But my primary goal is to get an up-to-date version running on Debian unstable. The SDK provided at crashes, because the linked libssl is not available on unstable.

I’ve succeeded in compiling the dotnet binary and some other native libraries from coreclr and corefx, but I currently I’m stuck with building dotnet.dll.


If you have issues building a specific repo, then I think your best option to get help is to create an issue on that repo.


If someone is interested in: I’ve started to build Debian packages and building the dotnet-core framework from scratch.

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