Blazor vs JS client using core

Hi guys!
What’s the main differences between usages of Blazor and typescript with JS framework on client side of core site?
Thank you.

Typescript / JS / C# are language
Angular / React / ViewJS / Aurelia / … / Blazor are all web framework with one goal “make a Single page application”. There goal/usage are the same.

Blazor is basically a C# (or webassembly if you want) version of angular or react.
There is also the possibility to use a server side blazor that work on the server. With this version the loading time is quicker and navigator support bigger. But the server usage will grow.

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For the comparison you should try it youreself. Blazor already offer a lot of feature (Authorization / Localization / Testing / Trimming / …). As Front and back are in .net blazor will allow you to share some code. But it is the first release version and not a fork so you should wait Feedback in a year or two to depend on it for a big project. It’s only my advice.

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