Best approach for showcasing .NET projects on microsoft/dotnet


@slodge contributed a significant set of .NET community projects. Thanks! It then morphed in this: Awesome!

I then suggested that we create a separate list for commercial open source projects. @ScottIsAFool created a PR for that. Also awesome!

Before accepting the PR, I wanted to ask if anyone has suggestions on how to best approach this. Are there a significant number of projects built with .NET that are commercial and open source? Should we have a different split?


Perhaps commercial is the wrong choice of word for this list. It might be better to say consumer projects that are open source and built with .NET. So this could range from desktop clients, to mobile apps, to websites. Something that isn’t just developer tools, which seems to be the main focus of the original list.


That sounds like a good split to me. We can have a developer and a consumer list, both for open source projects.

Anyone else have any thoughts? I’ll probably accept the PR tomorrow if I don’t here any more input.

Thanks @scottisafool.

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