AST Interpreter / Easily Create New Languages



I am wondering if .net foundation can start an project similar to Graal/Truffle where by you have an AST interpreter which can be leveraged to create new CLI based languages.

Perhaps iff JebBrains is interested may be you can do some common work with the Nitra ( and Nemerle ( team also in this aspect as Language Workbenchs can really benefit from this project if it is started.


Defined VM Interface
CIL Virtualization Layer

Well, F# has fslex/fsyacc, essentially the F# versions of lex/yacc, which are tools to create new languages (defined in F#, though. Still, great for things like Domain-Specific languages). You could probably use that as the initial bootstrap for any new compiler.


Yes. But if you can just run the AST through an AST interpreter this would make the backend part of it much easier.

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