Aspnet5 and its dependency on mono currently


Currently, all mainstraim articles that demonstrate how to get aspnet5 running on linux tell me to install mono first.

It is my understanding that running “k kestrel” uses mono as underlying clr.

Am I correct when I say in the future we will be able to use coreCLR as underlying clr in linux and that the dependency on mono will be gone?


yes when coreclr becomes available for linux you will not need mono for 5 and console applications.
Basically you can run 5 two ways one coreclr and second full/old clr. On windows 5 use Microsoft full clr and Microsoft coreclr, similarly on linux 5 uses mono full clr and will use Microsoft coreclr once it is available for linux. Which according to my understanding will be available in a few months.
If you want to track down the progress on coreclr star this repository

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