framework 4.0 - MVC

Hi all,

I am in doubt about mvc on .net framework 4.0.

When I tray create project on Visual Studio 2019 -> .net framework 4.0 mvc -> this option does not exist.

When I tray create project on Visual Studio 2010 -> it is possible create .net framework 4.0 mvc.

Is it possible create application framework 4.0 mvc on Visual Studio 2019?

The way to create new projects has been reorganized, but the option to use ASP.NET MVC with .Net Framework 4.0 is still there:

  1. Select ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework).
  2. Fill out project name, location and framework.
  3. Select you want to use MVC.

That being said, Iā€™d suggest you to use ASP.NET Core on .Net Core for any new applications. And if you need to use .Net Framework, use a newer version than 4.0.

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