Are there unit tests available for the framework elements released?


I’m looking at what it takes to bring the WCF classes over to the mono project from the framework release. A message to Microsoft: Can or will the unit tests for framework elements be made available? Otherwise we will have duplication of efforts in developing such tests.

Bernie Schoch


That’s a good idea. Thanks for pursuing it.

We are releasing the unit tests at the same time we release the code in the corefx repo. I’m guessing that you are using the WCF code from the referencesource repo. If that’s the case, I could ask the WCF team to accelerate their tests. I suspect that they have a lot going on, so doing it ahead of their plan may or may not fit.


Are there any secrets in finding team members for Microsoft Teams such as the WCF team? I did some digging to try to find someone in the WCF team but haven’t been successful. Any pointers would be very helpful.



Many .NET team members are listed here: I don’t think that there are any WCF folks on it. That’s not intentional. I should invite them!

I’ll pass on the feedback again, and an invite to the list.

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