Are the same optimizations from .NET Core used in the full framework?



We read everywhere that in .NET Core there are many performance improvements, both in the CLR and the implementation of the base class library. Are these changes also being done in the full framework, or will they stay .NET Core exclusive?

What it basically comes down to: when looking purely at performance, would I benefit from porting a WPF app to .NET Core 3 or would it perform equally well on the .NET full 4.8?



As far as I understand it basically no. .NET Core will have all new performance stuff while .NET Framework might get some BUT thats a might. Don’t count on it.

Personally I would plan only using .NET Core for everything you can after 3.0 comes out. I would consider .NET Framwork versions as patch releases to a legacy product starting with 4.8 as thats where it starts to differ.

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