An open-source YouTube video downloader for .NET


Hi! I’ve been working on a small .NET project recently called libvideo. It lets you download any YouTube video into a file, given the URL. It supports getting information about the video, such as resolution, bitrate, and file extension, and supports deciphering encrypted videos.

The project is freely available under the BSD 2-clause license and portable to 8 different platforms, including WinRT, Xamarin, PCLs and (of course) the .NET Framework.

Feedback and contributions are always welcome; feel free to file an issue or make a PR if there’s a problem. If you need to, you can contact me on Twitter at @jameskodev, or /u/Subtle__ on Reddit. We also have a Gitter chat room available.




Excuese me sir, but it seems that you know about YouTube download right? I have a very strange problem here will you help me. Recently I download this YouTube ripper to help download YouTube video. However, after downloading , the video is okay, but there is no audio output. Is that caused by encryption?


Why do you think this is in any way related to the .NET Foundation?

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