Advisory Council Nomination


Dear .NET Foundation Board Directors and .NET Foundation supporters,

I am taking the opportunity to nominate myself to be a member of the .NET Foundation Advisory Council.
I have read the proposal and believe that I am a good fit.

Here is some of my FOSS background:

TL;DR: 14 years of solid FOSS experience, 11 years of C# experience, the perfect candidate :smiley:

My first opensource involvement started around the year 2001/2002 in the PHP project. I wrote an [opensource IRC library for PHP] 1 which is still widely spread and used. 2002 I became an official PHP developer (

2003 - today
I wrote a IRC library in C# called SmartIrc4net and later an IRC client named Smuxi in C# using that SmartIrc4net library. Smuxi runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows using a single code base.

2004 - today
Since 2004 I am doing Debian development. I am the co-founder of the [Debian Mono Group] 2 which brought Mono into the Debian archive early 2004. The Debian CLI Policy (packaging policies for Mono/.NET software in Debian) was initiated and co-authored by me.

2007 - today
[Official Debian developer] 3 (

2010 - today
I became a [GNOME foundation member] 4 (

Since most of my code is purely opensource it is easy to track with tools like Open Hub here:

According to Open Hub’s language stats I am in the top 20 of opensource C# developers

My work is visible in the Mono and Debian community through my blog which gets syndicated to Planet Debian and Monologue.

Currently I am supporting Jo Shields to get the needed nuget infrastructure in Debian prepared.

For my non-FOSS work I am the CTO at GSD Software Design GmbH, a small IT company in Hamburg, Germany, specialized on software development and high availability clusters. I moved the company from a pure Borland C++ based development to a C# based one. Mono on Linux is used in the backend and MS .NET + GTK# as frontend.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Best regards,

Mirco ‘meebey’ Bauer

FOSS Developer
Debian Developer
GNOME Foundation Member
PGP-Key ID 0xEEF946C8

Advisory Council Proposal

Thank you for the detailed write-up. Could you also send email on so that we have contact information.

Varun Gupta


Done. This post must have at least 20 characters. :slight_smile:

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