Advice on Database Connection Strings

Hi all. I need some experienced direction on where to store my database connection strings(CS).
I’m using Core 2.2.

Currently my default CS is stored in my appsettings.json. My project is going to be dynamically creating user specific databases, so I will have multiple connection strings.

What I would ‘like to do’ is handle my CS like any other piece of data. That is, store them in the default database along with the users, roles, etc., and then just encrypt/decrypt them as needed, making sure the default connection is protected. But the default area when creating a project is in appsettings.json in the root of the projects folder. Also, a lot of google research yielded a lot of suggestions, like storing them in the OS System Environment Variables, or using ‘Secrets’ management. I will have to spend time learning how to work with any of those options. So I need experienced ones to steer me in the correct direction.

Also does anyone know where a good MVC chat room is? It would really help me to have people to talk to about these type things.


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