Add template to dotnet cli?


I was watching the video by Sebastien Ros on youtube about build an headless CMS with Orchard Core.

At 9:34, using dotnet cli, it add a new project from “template”, listed as occms.
I’ve tried to do the same and type dotnet new occms -o headless, but of course I don’t have that template :slight_smile:

The only stuff I have is the repo download from github.
I’m quite now to dotnet cli.

Can you teach to me how to add those kind of template?
It seems very fancy and fast to create project starting from template in this way (also because, honestly, I don’t know how to do the same from within Visual Studio).

Can you help me in this task?


This is documented on this page, which also lists the command to install the template:

dotnet new -i OrchardCore.ProjectTemplates::1.0.0-rc1-*
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