About the Projects category


A home to announcements and news about open source projects related to .NET. Projects do not have to be part of the .NET Foundation to post news and information here, they just need to be open source and somehow related to .NET.


Awesome, thanks for creating the new category! Was initially unsure whether to post here because everything seemed to be about the .NET Framework itself, but now I feel more comfortable sharing my project.


Thanks for sharing. BTW - I thought your ReadMe was very good as well, clearly laid out what the library was, how to use it, how it compares with other libraries that do a similar thing etc.

We’re definitely interested in ways that we can promote awareness of all .NET Open Source libraries, not just the ones in the .NET Foundation. So if folks have ideas let us know. Obviously NuGet.org is the place to make sure your library is listed if you want to make it easy for folks to discover and use.

I’d also been thinking about creating a “Help Wanted” category for people to post when they are looking for someone to help out. I’m not sure how effective that would be though but interested to know what people think.


thank you keep sharing

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