Core Frameworks

Discussions about the open sourced, cross-platform Core frameworks for both .NET Core and Mono Core. Topics to discuss: contributions to the Core Frameworks, pull requests, porting code from full framework to Core Framework, discussion on platform specific bits.

Full Framework

Discussion about the full .NET Framework and Mono stack. Topics to discuss: the full implementation of the .NET Framework, and any efforts to make the full frameworks run on Mono (today) and RyuJit on multiple platforms.


A home to announcements and news about open source projects related to .NET. Projects do not have to be part of the .NET Foundation to post news and information here, they just need to be open source and somehow related to .NET.


This category is for discussions and ideas on growing and engaging with the .NET community.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


This category is for announcements from the .NET Foundation or any of the projects in the Foundation.


Discussions and best practices around project governance and governance models.


This category is for questions and discussions around legal concerns for the .NET Foundation. Issues/questions about licensing, project assignment, and general legal questions can be raised here.
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